Best House Moving Tips To Make Your Move Comfortable


If you’re one of those thousands of people who have chosen and moved their family to some new home or some new community then you have brand new memories of those ups and downs or the thrills and frustrations of moving.Read More: Woodinville moving company


Make a listMoving-50

Write down every item! Before packing up even a single box, make up a simple record keeping system. Generate a printed list of the numbers with some space to write down the contents.


Utilize wardrobe boxes

The tall boxes are just perfect for the bulky as well as lightweight items such as pillows, comforters, and blankets, as well as clothes that need to remain hung. Call up your mover to ask about the width of the wardrobe boxes that will be brought by them. Then measure down the clothes present in your closets to see the number of wardrobe boxes that will be required.


Strategize wardrobe box use


Moving companies will be delighted to make the delivery of the boxes ahead of your moving day. Or if you’re doing the move yourself then be sure to get the things placed and organized as soon as possible. A few days before you move, fill up some of those sturdy and hard handled shopping bags with the bulky closet items which includes belts, sweaters, shoes, and jeans.


Keep things togethermoving-house-electricity-and-gas


Do insist on keeping the things together when you or the movers are packing up the boxes. Keep light bulbs with lamps, extension cords with appliances, and bookends with books. Small or loose parts might be attached to the belonging item with the help of tape or placed in small envelopes.


Pack aheadMy life in boxes

Anything which you can pack beforehand will definitely save you time on the moving day. If it’s summer then be sure to get your winter clothes out of the way. You are not in the requirement of 5 radios or TV’s in and around your house for the last few days left in there.


Safeguard valued items

It’s a pretty good idea to keep in possession of your valuable articles, such as collections, silverware, or antiques. If you have a long journey ahead and no space available in your car then be sure to bury the items in a box marked as “Miscellaneous items from the kitchen pantry”. Either way, it checks out with your homeowner’s insurance which sees how you are covered up during the move, and if you need any other additional insurance from the mover.


Keep important papers with you

You should keep your important papers with yourself which might include: school records, phone lists, utility company numbers, recent bank records,
mover estimates, current bills, realtor info, new job contacts, closing papers, maps, birth certificates, and more.